SEA-PAC 2018 Workshops


Antenna Modeling:

Roy Lewallen, W7EL




Roy, the author of EZNec antenna modeling software, will teach you how to use modeling to improve your antenna designs and gain more understanding about how the magic of radio happens.  He will discuss many myths and misconceptions about antennas and modeling.  You will go away with greater knowledge of antennas and how you can use models to improve your station. 

Optional: bring a windows laptop, load the highly-capable demo software, and follow along as Roy guides you in the world of antenna modeling.



Emergency Communication and Preparedness 




Where will you be when the disaster strikes?

This workshop will take you on a journey through personal and family preparedness, increasing the effectiveness of using a handheld radio during an Emergency/disaster, radio operations, and the psychological and environmental aspects of disaster support.

Along the way, we will talk about medical needs, shelter, water filtration and storage, food essentials, personal Go Kits, family communications, battery types, generators, solar power, digital modes, emergency setup and repairs, radio Go Kits, passing messages, and opportunities for improving your overall preparedness as well as your communications skills and abilities. One recurring emphasis will be on practicality and frugal use of your money.

This workshop is for both new and experienced hams.


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